Culture and Behavior Laboratory:
Principal Investigator                     
Hector Betancourt, Ph.D.                          
Laboratory Overview
Dr. Betancourt's Culture and Behavior Laboratory was founded in 1998, as an
offspring of his Interpersonal and Group Processes Laboratory at
Loma Linda
University. The mission of the lab is the advancement of research and theory
concerning the role of culture and diversity in psychology, and the structure of
relations among cultural and psychological factors as determinants of behavior
in health, education, and social issues. The work of the lab is generally guided
by his theoretical model and methodological approach to the study of culture and
his cognition (attribution)-emotion model of conflict and violence.

Since 2007, the work of the Lab has extended to
Universidad de La Frontera, in
Chile, where Dr. Betancourt and collaborators are working on the study of
culture and behavior. The current research of the Laboratory focuses on the
study of cultural and psychological factors  associated with disparities in health,
education, and social issues in California as well as in the Region de La
Araucania, in Southern Chile.  

You are welcome to navigate through this site to learn more about the ongoing
research of  lab members, representative publications, and presentations.
Laboratory in Southern California, USA
Laboratory in Temuco, CHILE
Culture and Behavior Laboratory